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About the Facilitator

The key to living life to the full, is learning to live more fully in the present moment.  Learning the art of Mindfulness and discovering how to live as our true self- starts with learning a simple stillness meditation practise.  

I have a Diploma in Cross-Professional Supervision and am an accredited member of Supervisors Assoc. of Ireland (SAI).  I also have a Professional Diploma in Spiritual Guidance and am an accredited member of the All Ireland Spiritual Guidance Association (AISGA).  I am trained in the deep listening skills needed to companion others as they discern their work and life journeys. 


Diploma of Cross-Professional Supervision; Professional Certificate in Group Facilitation; Diploma in Spiritual Guidance (Spiritual Direction); Diploma of Teaching; Grad. Dip. Religious Education; Bachelor of Theology; Grad. Dip Theology (Biblical Studies). 

I work in a variety of contexts:

  • Cross-Professional Supervision - one-to-one and group sessions 
  • Spiritual Companioning - one-to-one and group sessions
  • Weekly Meditation groups
  • Day Retreats
  • GROUP FACILITATION - working with groups to design and facilitate a process to meet specific goals.  Whether is be a social group desiring to embark on common learning adventure that leads to new insights, connections and a transformed attitude to life; or business and education organisations desiring to articulate their identity, to dream and discern future directions, and write vision, mission and policy statements, in order to implement these.


Cross-Professional Supervision
 If you work in healthcare, social care, education, or areas of leadership, management and training, then Cross-Professional Supervision adds a powerful dimension to your continued professional growth.
 The Cross-Professional Supervision process:
  • has a transformative impact, on the professional and personal life of the supervisee
  • focusses on reviewing and refining your professional work; using a reflective practice that is collaborative, creative, compassionate and confidential
  • promotes self-care
  • helps safe-guard the clients of the organisation by offering employees regular supervision

Meditation Sessions

I offer a space to learn, and practise a simple form of Stillness Meditation with others who are keen to reduce the stress, hurry and worry in their life; or simply to enhance their life.

This form of meditation is for people of all ages. It creates an awareness that helps us live more fully in the present, that helps us live more mindfully.

You will receive ongoing guidance, encouragement and support as you begin to weave the practise of meditation into your everyday being and doing.

We have a Wednesday Evening Meditation Group (8-9.15pm).  New and returning members are always welcome. 

Soul Time Day Retreats

Guided DAY RETREATS in a comfortable, warm setting, incorporating opportunities to practise stillness meditation, guided reflection experiences, and silent personal reflection time.  These retreats are a powerful experience; an opportunity to take time out from your busy life, to reflect, relax and rejuvenate. Bring along a friend, or a couple of friends, to share the experience of a day of quiet, times of silence and reflection, in a beautiful environment, only a short walk to the beach. Bookings are essential as numbers are limited.

I am available to facilitate onsite Wellness Days, and Spiritual Retreat Days, for business and education sectors.  These are bespoke designed, to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Group Facilitation

Business and education sectors:  A powerful sources of inspiration for me, has been the book "Presence: Exploring profound change in people, organisations and society" by Peter Senge et al.  I work with leadership in organisations to create a process that enables authentic dialogue and decision making.

Socially-based groups:  Socially, groups may want to embark on common learning adventure that leads to new insights, connections and a transformed attitude to life. 

Faith-based groups:  Groups who want to explore their faith tradition, the history and formation of related Scripture and theological writings, and how these might have rich and relevant meaning for their lives.


Spiritual Companioning: A Journey into Wholeness

Explore your spiritual journey more deeply, with a companion trained in the art of Spiritual Guidance. Are you wondering … Who am I? What am I for? Where am I going? What’s next? How do I live more fully, and more freely? How do I nurture forgiveness, healing, compassion within myself?  If you are asking yourself any of these questions, perhaps Spiritual Guidance is for you.  It's a  dedicated, confidential space in which you can come to know yourself more deeply.


Soul Time for Schools

Christine is an Educational Consultant and Resource person who has extensive experience...

Working with Leaders

Process for creating or reviewing Vision and Mission Statements

Process for implementing perspectives across the curriculum

Review, Design and Implementation of Religious Education programs across the levels

Creating online resources



Working with teachers

Continuing Professional Development packages include:

Understanding Scripture; Theology; Doctrine; Spirituality

The process of Religious Education

The Study of Religions and Society

Teaching students R.E. in a context where students are multi-faith and no faith in particular

Planning class rituals/liturgies

How to teach Meditation

Retreat Days – custom designed


Working with students

Teaching a simple practise of Stillness Mediation

Retreat Days – custom designed to suit needs of schools, group size and student ages


Working with Parents

Parent Learning packages include:

The Fire Within – exploring spirituality

Preparing my child for the Sacraments – Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Confirmation

Talking about God. Talking about Jesus.

What is prayer?

What is Meditation?





Our Services

  • Reflexology
  • Reiki Treatment
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Sports Injury Treatment
  • Japanese Massage


"If you are looking for a tried and trusted therapist I would highly recommend Maria, her friendly approach and skills has seen many of my friends also...."

Avril Keane

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